Dreka X Lorenzo's Frozen Pudding Exclusive Southern-Style VEGAN

Welcome to our Pre-Sale page!

Lorenzo's Frozen Pudding is teaming up with Dreka for an exclusive VEGAN line. As we go through the process of creation of our new line with Dreka, we want you to come along with us and learn more about how our products go from ideation to your local retail shelves! 
When you sign up, you will get an inside look into our branded partnership. Our hope is to inspire you to continue to walk your walk, to create, to dream, to live a life of wellness, all while building your Legacy! 
Please sign up here for your chance to get the first look and taste of our VEGAN line with Dreka Gates!!
HASHTAG #DREKASVEGAN when you send your request and we will put you on our list!!
More about Dreka,
Dreka is a brand created by Dreka Gates to promote whole body wellness, so you can look and feel your best IRL. It is deeply rooted in Dreka’s unwavering quest to BE her authentic self and truly learning to love. By allowing herself to flow with and integrate the powers of nature, she has formed a deep connection to herself through different mind, body, and spiritual practices, that she now shares with the world through Dreka.