About Us

The #GirlDad duo that started a company out of their house. 

In May of 2011, Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding was born on the South Side of Chicago by the #GirlDad team of Lorenzo and Genesis. Lorenzo had the saying,  “We all have heard of banana pudding.”  However,  Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding takes pudding a little further by creating a gourmet locally-sourced frozen pudding with various flavors, including but not limited to the Original Southern-Style Banana Pudding, Hawaiian Pineapple Pudding, and a Strawberry Pudding named Schnooka’s Strawberry Pudding. There are currently 13 flavors available. The father-daughter duo started the business because they needed an income option to create upward financial mobility, so they sold their pudding on the street. They sold their famous puddings on the sidewalk just outside of the Juvenile Detention Center, Evergreen Plaza, and several other areas.


After their early success, they decided to take this business to another level, moving their product into the grocery store freezer space. 

As years passed, being in the frozen dessert section of all Pete’s Fresh Market, 16 Mariano’s, and 15 Jewel Osco, they noticed a trend that they always faced.  The company did not possess the capital needed to keep the product on the shelf. The product consistently sold out, selling two cases per flavor per week. The company is forced to phase out.

Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding was able to go back onto the shelves of retail stores during a global pandemic.  Although there were many variables to go back into stores, what was consistent was the loyalty we have to our customers. We want our customers to see us in their community retail chain, the Company's plans are to reenter the stores in Fall 2020, Winter 2020, and Spring 2021 of next year.

Thank you so much and please continue to stay safe!


Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding